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Iconic Bassett Tower remodeled as part of downtown revitalization

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

Aloft Hotel in downtown El Paso is slated to open its doors Thursday, the hotel’s general manager announced Wednesday morning.

The hotel will open 87 rooms, two suites, a bar and lounge area and meeting rooms in the historic O.T. Bassett Tower on 303 Texas Avenue.

Four other hotels — including the Hotel Paso del Norte, which was formerly Camino Real Hotel; the Marriott; the Plaza Hotel and Hotel Stanton House — are under renovation.

The hotels are part of the revitalization of downtown El Paso, said Joe Gudenrath, executive director with the Downtown El Paso Management District.

“The (revitalization) momentum started with a lot of public investments in San Jacinto Plaza, a ballpark, (and) have really spurred on the private investments that were envisioned in hotels such as this,” said Gudenrath.

The remodeling of buildings such as the Aloft Hotel brings hopes of more business to local restaurants and stores.

“These hotel guests will be essentially new wallets within the city,” said Gudenrath.

“They’ll be out here within the community, spending money, visiting our museums, our attractions.”

The Aloft Hotel showcases art showing sister cities El Paso and Ciudad Juarez as well as a wooden man asking, “Where you from, ese?” as wall art.

The lobby to the elevator was remodeled to give it a vintage, elegant feeling, with a crystal chandelier hovering above theguests.

The beds are covered with white bedspreads with orange pillows and the rooms have other vibrant-coloreddecorations.

The windows in the bedrooms look out on downtown El Paso, giving a bird’s-eye view of the top floors.

It took nearly two years for the reconstruction to be completed, according to Heidi Poole, the general manager.

“We already have a few reservations. We just opened it up for booking,” said Poole.

“I think it’s an honor to be down here and to bring back El Paso to its original hustling and bustling,” she said.

by Adriana CandelariaWednesday, May 23rd 2018

Source : http://kfoxtv.com/news/local/aloft-hotel-remodeled-as-part-of-downtown-revitalization

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